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Sunday Worship Services
9am & 10:45am

Sunday Adult Bible Fellowship
9am & 10:45am

Wednesday Service

Calvary Church
1665 Pleasant Ridge Road
Greensboro, NC 27409




At Calvary Church, we’re committed to leading people into a place of worship that is intimate and experiential. Individual and corporate worship is an essential part of our relationship with Christ, and music is a catalyst that enables us to go deeper into that relationship.

Worship allows us to give voice to God’s truth–proclaiming who He is and who we are in Him. Our desire is to encourage a genuine exchange between each person and Christ, so that we experience Him in deeper ways. This is a mission that goes far beyond just the music and is essential to the culture at Calvary.

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Immerse: Night of Worship

Come together with the community (Spring 2017) as we gather at Calvary Church in Greensboro for “Immerse”, a special night of worship and prayer. Our heart for this multi-church event is to unite all Jesus-followers, regardless of background or denomination, to proclaim the holiness of Christ during a powerful night of community-wide worship.

More About Immerse